Urban Forest Protection Strategy in Indianapolis

        Urban Forest Protection Strategy in Indianapolis

          Article summary

          This data-driven framework, coordinated by the Indiana Forest Alliance, identifies forested natural areas that are not protected, assesses their quality and establishes priorities for preserving high quality forests and forest cover in general. The Forests For Indy: Urban Forest Protection Strategy provides context and recommendations for protecting and equitably expanding forests within Indianapolis.  

          In a nutshell, this resource offers:

          • A map that shows natural areas, and the quality of benefits they provide, across Indianapolis.
          • A list of possible funding mechanisms to move urban forested natural area conservation and expansion forward.
          • Recommendations to protect forests in Indianapolis. 

          How to use this resource:

          • As an example of a protection strategy that integrates and leverages other, existing plans to advance urban forested natural area protection.
          • As an approach to mapping forests benefits across a city.
          • As a source for sample recommendations for forest protections in your city.

          Authors: Jeff Stant, Rae Schnapp, Will Allen

          Date published: June 2021

          Point of contact: Rae Schnapp, Conservation Director, Indiana Forest Alliance, rae@indianaforestalliance.org

          Citation: Stant, J.; Schnapp, R., Allen, W. 2021. Forests for Indy: Urban Forest Protection Strategy. Indiana Forest Alliance, Indianapolis, IN.

          For more information, visit Indiana Forest Alliance's website.


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