Preservation, Regulations, and Policy to Protect and Grow Baltimore's Forests

        Preservation, Regulations, and Policy to Protect and Grow Baltimore's Forests

          Article summary

          Baltimore’s urban forest is vulnerable to development and infrastructure projects. This is particularly true for development projects small enough to avoid triggering any review or mitigation requirements, and for large scale projects where—even with the required mitigation—the impacted natural areas may take decades to fully recover. To address this, organizations and city agencies in Baltimore, MD are working together to better protect forests and trees through a combination of preservation efforts, policies, and regulations. 

          This case study describes the combined efforts of non-profit Baltimore Green Space (BGS), Baltimore’s Department of Recreation and Parks (BCRP), and Baltimore’s Office of Sustainability (BOS), which have played major roles in this work. To further advance these efforts, a process is underway to propose new regulations that would better protect and mitigate impacts of development on trees and forested natural areas.

          In a nutshell, this resource offers:

          • A starting place and approach to begin researching ordinances for tree and forest protection.
          • An example of bringing stakeholders together to advance tree and forest protection in cities.
          • Descriptions of recommendations that are specific to Baltimore's unique context.

          How to use this resource:

          • As an approach to understanding what tree and forest protections might be missing in your city.
          • As example recommendations for ordinances and regulations that could be adapted to your local city context.

          Author: Ashely Bowers, Amy Gilder-Busatti, Katie Lautar

          Date published: 2020

          Point of contact: Ashley Bowers, Environmental Policy & Conservation Analyst, Forestry Division of City of Baltimore Department of Recreation and Parks, 

          Citation: Bowers, A. A.; Gilder-Busatti, A. L.; and Lautar, K. J. 2020. Preservation, Regulations, and Policy to Protect and Grow Baltimore’s Forests. Cities and the Environment (CATE): Vol. 13: Iss. 1, Article 22.

          Resource is available online here.


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