Green Seattle Partnership Strategic Plan 2017

        Green Seattle Partnership Strategic Plan 2017

          Article Summary

          In 2005, the Green Seattle Partnership (GSP) began an effort to restore 2,500 acres of Seattle’s forestland. At the time it was one of the largest restoration projects in the nation. With an overarching objective to foster a healthy urban ecosystem, GSP’s 20 Year Restoration Plan focuses on restoring and maintaining forested natural areas of Seattle as well as galvanizing the public in an effort to grow an involved, informed and active stewardship community. This document reports on the status of various measures of the restoration project including community engagement, resource acquisition, and the restoration work itself. Additionally, the report emphasizes what type of future work and goals remain to complete and maintain the restoration.

          In a nutshell, this resource offers:

          • A comprehensive analysis of the past and current challenges and accomplishments of Green Seattle Partnership’s 20-Year Forest Restoration Plan after 12 years of work.
          • A look into future goals and remaining work needed to accomplish objectives of the GSP 20 Year Restoration Plan.
          • An explanation of and the current status of all the moving parts of an urban restoration project including finances, community involvement, and restoration and work.

          How to use this resource:

          • Inform future decisions pertaining to ongoing urban forest and natural areas restoration in Seattle.
          • Understand how and why goals and objectives could be expanded during the ongoing restoration period.
          • As an example to develop protocols and standards for urban forest restoration in other U.S. cities.

          Author: Green Seattle Partnership

          Date published: 2017

          Point of contact: Lisa Ciecko, Plant Ecologist, Green Seattle Partnership,

          Citation:Green Seattle Partnership. 2017. Creating Strong Communities through Healthy Forests: 2017 Strategic Plan Update. Seattle, WA. 

          Resource is available online here.


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