Forests in Cities Network: Fact Sheet

        Forests in Cities Network: Fact Sheet

          Article summary

          This fact sheet introduces the topic of forested natural areas to people unfamiliar with the concept, and describes forests from the 12 cities in the Forests in Cities Network.

          In a nutshell, this resource offers:

          • A description of the many social and ecological benefits offered by forests in cities, with specific examples from 12 U.S. cities.
          • Statistics about forests in cities from the 12 U.S. cities, such as total number of acres and percent native plant cover. 
          • An explanation for why forests in cities need management and resources.

          How to use this resource:

          • As an introduction to forests in cities for officials, partners, or funders who are unfamiliar.
          • As a tool to advocate for increased funding and resources for forests in cities.
          • As a resource to demonstrate how other cities recognize forests in cities and the need for consistent management.

          Date published: 2021

          Point of contact: Sophie Plitt, National Partnerships Manager, Natural Areas Conservancy, 


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