Urban Forests for Human Health: A Summary

      Urban Forests for Human Health: A Summary

        Article Summary

        This article is a high-level summary of a meta-analysis, Urban Trees and Human Health: A Scoping Review. This summary examines the connection between human health outcomes and trees in the city, drawing upon 201 studies that looked at topics like air pollution, heat exposure, attention restoration, stress reduction, active living, and weight status. 

        In a nutshell, this resource offers:

        • A very high-level, introductory summary of the connection between city trees and forests and human health outcomes.

        How to use this resource:

        • As a starting place or introductory material for volunteers, staff, or officials who are unfamiliar with the positive aspects of urban forestry and human health.
        • As evidence for increasing access to urban green spaces for all people, in light of the positive health outcomes.

        Author: Dr. Kathleen L. Wolf

        Date published: 2021

        Citation: Wolf, K. L. 2021. Urban Forests for Human Health. Institute of Charted Foresters.

        Resource is available online here.


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