Miami-Dade County's Management Plan for the Richmond Pine Rocklands

        Miami-Dade County's Management Plan for the Richmond Pine Rocklands

          Article summary

          This second edition of Miami-Dade County’s Management Plan for the Richmond Pine Rocklands was completed 24 years after the first edition (DERM 1994). Since that edition, there have been many new ecological discoveries, new laws, changing landownership, and other developments. This revision was created to serve as a reference for Richmond land owners, land managers, neighbors, and other interested parties for information on the area’s natural resources. It is also intended to standardize management practices, to ensure that this invaluable resource is protected and cared for in the best way possible. To that end, the last section of this document is dedicated to a strategic action plan for management of the pinelands. 

          In a nutshell, this resource offers:

          • A management plan that unites social and land ownership history; rare, threatened, and endangered species listings; and unique ecology for a comprehensive approach to conservation.
          • Detailed recommendations for restoration, conservation, monitoring, and maintenance of the pine rockland ecosystem.
          • Process and goals for communication between relevant stakeholders.
            • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each stakeholder.

          How to use this resource:

          • For examples of how to structure a management plan, especially for stakeholder management and coordination.
          • As a guide to setting multiple recommendations with ambitious, specific action items related to non-native invasive species removals, hydrology, mowing regimes to replace fire regimes, and more.

          Authors: Jennifer Possley, James Duncan, Joy Klein, Joe Maguire.

          Date published: 2018 

          Citation: Possley, J.; Duncan, J.; Klein, J.; Maguire, J. 2018. Miami-Dade County’s management plan for the Richmond pine rocklands, 2nd Edition. Miami, FL.

          Resource available online here.


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