Guide to Inclusive Outreach and Public Engagement

      Guide to Inclusive Outreach and Public Engagement

        Article Summary

        This guide to inclusive outreach and public engagement was authored by the Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative for use by city employees. It contains useful references, such as six essential strategies for inclusive engagement, a public engagement evaluation template, and a glossary.

        In a nutshell, this resource offers:

        • Approaches for making community engagement accessible, inclusive, culturally appropriate, and responsive.
        • Strategies to generate increased interest and involvement in government processes and services.
        • Ways to identify culturally appropriate stakeholder and data analysis tools that recognize and utilize communities' cultural assets and knowledge.
        • An assertion that organizations and agencies must be open to changes that are responsive to community insight.

        How to use this resource:

        • To assess your agency, organizational, or personal approach to community engagement.
        • Key steps and strategies to make outreach more inclusive and accessible.
        • As a guide or template to forming an inclusive public engagement plan, to be adapted for the local context of your city.

        Author: Seattle Office for Civil Rights, Race and Social Justice Initiative 

        Date published: 2012

        For more information: Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative

        Resource is available online here.


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