Guidelines for Urban Forest Restoration in New York City

        Guidelines for Urban Forest Restoration in New York City

          Article summary

          This book is an accessible and comprehensive review of forest restoration in New York’s parks from conception through execution to long-term management. A generous selection of carefully selected color photographs, drawings, charts, and timelines complement the text. Maps pinpoint project locations.

          In a nutshell, this resource offers:

          • Background and context of forest restoration in New York City, with an emphasis on the special challenges faced by wooded urban ecosystems. 
          • A justification of the importance of active management and restoration in New York City's natural areas.
          • An examination of the processes of selecting, assessing, and inventorying sites, designing the restorations, and planning for their implementation.
          • A case study of restoration efforts at Givans Creek Woods in the Bronx.

          How to use this resource:

          • As a guide to establishing restoration goals, reviewing opportunities and constraints, and assessing, evaluating, and prioritizing sites in the field.
          • As a guide to establishing the principle components of site preparation that include site protection, invasive plant management, site clearing, and soil preparation.
          • As a guide with illustrations of manual methods to control invasive plants, appendices that include federal, state, and city regulations that may apply to forest restoration projects in New York City. 
          • As a general overview of common forest communities of New York City and surroundings. 

          Authors: Katerli Bounds, Michael Feller, Jennifer Greenfeld, Minona Heaviland, Clara Pregitzer, Tim Wenskus

          Date published: 2014

          Point of contact: New York City Parks Department

          Citation: Bounds, K., Feller, M. J., Greenfeld, J., Heaviland, M., Pregitzer, C., Wenskus, T., Gunther, B., Johnson, L., King, K., Lu, J., Naidich, M., Pehek, E., Simmons, B., Stanley, S. & Toth, E. 2014. Guidelines for Urban Forest Restoration. New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. New York, NY.

          Resource is available online here.


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