Baltimore City Non-native Invasive Plant Removal Guide

        Baltimore City Non-native Invasive Plant Removal Guide

          Article summary

          This guide provides a starting point for citizens to identify and safely remove invasive plants from their local forest patches.

          In a nutshell, this resource offers:

          • Pictures, descriptions, and guidelines for removal of some of the most common non-native invasive plants in the mid-Atlantic region, especially in cities.
          • An example of how to construct a user-friendly, accessible guide for non-native invasive plant identification and removal.

          How to use this resource:

          • As a model for guiding your own volunteer stewardship programs.
          • As a reference guide for beginner non-native invasive plant identification in the mid-Atlantic region.

          Author: Katie Lautar, Executive Director of Baltimore Green Space

          Date published: 2013

          Point of contact: Katie Lautar, 

          Citation: Lautar, K. 2013. Baltimore City non-native invasive plant removal guide. Baltimore Green Space, Baltimore, MD.

          Resource is available online here.


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