Austin Community Tree Report

        Austin Community Tree Report

          Article summary

          This interactive tree report uses data from the city of Austin's tree planting and urban forestry team to show the public where, when, how, and why trees are planted in their city. Webmaps, intuitive graphs, photos, and clear descriptions make this report easy to navigate. The report gathers and shares data to increase transparency around spending and investment in Austin's urban forest. The raw data is also available, in keeping with Austin's goal of transparency in government.

          However, the report is accessed by the public less often than officials would like. 

          In a nutshell, this resource offers:

          • Interactive maps that allow users to see where urban forestry projects take place in their city.
          • A visual description of where money goes, and why.

          How to use this resource:

          • As a template or example for communicating urban forestry spending and outcomes.

          Author: Leah Haynie

          Date published: 2020

          Point of contact: Keith Mars, Division Manager, Community Tree Preservation Division City of Austin Development Services Department, 

          Resource available online here.

          A screen capture of Austin's interactive Community Tree Report. Click on the image, or the link above, to see the whole Community Tree Report.